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OKO River Sweet Potato Flour Cake Mix is manufactured in New York State from a simple recipe that originated in Guyana, South America. OKO River Sweet Potato Flour Cake Mix is part of a project to empower young agricultural entrepreneurs in Guyana who develop breakthrough agro-processed goods.

 OKO River Sweet Potato Flour Cake Mix originated as a college project from one of the budding female agro-processors and entrepreneurs with whom we collaborate. We are proud to introduce you to the South American country of Guyana and to OKO River brand products.

What is in OKO River
Sweet Potato Flour Cake Mix?

Our product is made from 100% sweet potato flour, which is an excellent source of beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium, manganese, vitamins B5 and B6, and vitamin E.

Our recipe also includes other natural ingredients. There are absolutely no preservatives, gums, or other types of 'flours' typically used in gluten-free products.

Oh, and it tastes wonderful!

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Can I customize this cake mix to my own taste?

Because OKO River Sweet Potato Flour Cake Mix is "clean," which means it has simple, all-natural ingredients, with absolutely no preservatives or added chemicals, you can use it to bake other treats as well. Try baking mussins and cookies, with the mix as a base, and, of course, feel free to add your favorites ingredients like currants, nuts, traditional and with chocolate chips, ginger and different essences in order to trly personalize your cakes and bakes goods.

Is the texture just like a traditional cake?

Alternative flours can be excellent substitutes for all-purpose and cake flours when baking.  While gluten does add a specific texture, OKO River Sweet Potato Four Cake Mix has a light, enjoyable texture that is very close in consistency to cake made from all-purpose flour, but it does not create the bloating that can result from gluten intolerance.

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